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            Engagement breeds loyalty

            We grow customer interactions through immersive digital promotions, contests and loyalty environments.

            We are a pre-eminent provider of online promotions, contests and loyalty programs. Our digital solutions help convert short-term customer interactions into long-term relationships. Clients work with us time and again because we deliver unbeatable security and data integrity with microscopic attention to detail.
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            nCentive software platform.

            Experience world-class security and analytics for online contests, second-chance programs, automated email campaigns and more. nCentive is the engine that has kick-started thousands of one-on-one customer journeys to help our clients make the most of their digital campaigns.

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            nCentive Flex

            nCentive FLEX Promotional system.

            In online contest, loyalty and rewards environments, cash is king but choice rules all. Giving your customers the power to choose their prizing creates deeper engagement and higher satisfaction metrics.

            Second Chance programs

            Second Chance programs.

            Extend the lottery experience with more ways to play and more ways to win. We develop ironclad Second Chance programs that convert offline purchases into online loyalty, allowing you to grow and learn more about your loyal customers.

            Casino engagement programs

            Casino engagement programs.

            Think outside bricks and mortar. When customers leave your casino, their gaming experience doesn’t need to end. Our casino engagement programs ensure that they continue to engage with you so you can win them back in. This self-sustaining online to offline (O2O) cycle ensures your brand continues to stay relevant.

            Email campaign management

            Email campaign management.

            Electronic direct mail is among the most effective and cost-efficient ways to stay top-of-mind with your customer base. Our nCentive platform makes email marketing turnkey while providing airtight security for your database.



            We understand gaming and loyalty like no other. We can help you uncover new ways to grow deeper connections with your existing customers, while expanding your customer base. Consult with us and we will develop a custom solution ideally suited to your unique requirements.

            Prize Fulfillment

            Prize Fulfillment.

            Your customers are unique. Personalizing the experience at each touchpoint is so critical to growing a loyal customer base. Splashdot offers prize fulfillment and rewards strategies that turn customers into brand advocates.